Being the world’s best mother-in-law starts with these basic steps

Being the world’s best mother-in-law starts with these basic steps

Since no two people, families or weddings are alike, no two mothers of the groom (MOG) have exactly the same experience. Circumstances, relationships, and abilities of all of the people involved vary greatly, so naturally the MOG’s responsibilities and involvement do too. Here’s an outline of the most basic, traditional steps you may take during the course of a your son’s engagement and wedding. Overlay these with your own timeline, whether you have a year or three months (yikes!) to the Big Day, and you’ll be well on the way to being an awesome mother-in-law.


Once the engagement is announced:


Once a date is set:


During planning:

  • Decide what you’re wearing to the wedding and make purchases as needed.
  • Offer to help address and mail invitations.
  • Purchase gifts for the couple.
  • Attend bridal showers.
  • Help spread the word about where the couple is registered.
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner.
  • Provide any information the couple may request regarding traditions customary to your family’s religious or ethnic heritage.
  • Make appointments with hair dressers, nail technicians, makeup-artists and anyone else who may help you be beautiful on the big day.


As the date draws near:

  • Help keep track of rsvp’s from your portion of the guest list and make calls to non-responses for a final head count.
  • Invite guests to the rehearsal dinner.
  • Discuss the mother / groom dance with your son and suggest songs if he desires.


The week before

  • Ask your son how you can assist him during the next week.
  • Ask the bride and her mother what you can do to help with last-minute tasks.
  • Plan special toasts or prayers for the rehearsal dinner.


The day before:

  • Host the rehearsal dinner with the groom’s father.
  • Help out-of-town guests with directions to the ceremony, transportation and any other practical needs they may have.


On the day of the wedding:

  • Participate in the ceremony as the bride and groom request.
  • Stand in the receiving line at the reception (if there is one) and introduce the bride and her family to your friends and family.
  • Dance with the groom.


Happy ever after mother-in-law

  • Put your feet up for a minute and know that you’re on your way to being a stereotype-busting, world’s best mother-in-law.