Who hosts and pays for the rehearsal dinner?

Who hosts and pays for the rehearsal dinner?

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is hosted and paid for by the groom’s parents and the planning is largely handled by the mother of the groom. In fact, if there is anything most people expect the mother of the groom to do, this is it. However, it is becoming more common either for the couple to host it themselves or to be very involved in the planning. Some even enlist bridesmaids, friends or other family members to do this for them.

Before any embarassing assumptions are made, MOG (mother of the groom), if you are willing and able to host this event, first ask if your son and his bride-to-be would like for you to do so. If the answer’s yes, the party is on!

Here’s some really good news about the rehearsal dinner: it’s usually a smashing success! Few occasions are more predestined to be pleasant than the rehearsal dinner. Since it almost always occurs after the rehearsal, spirits are high among the wedding party. No games or ice breakers are necessary to warm up this group. They’ve almost surely had some fun already. Friends and family arriving from out-of-town, often invited as well, are combining a family reunion with a mini-vacay. You can expect a party-ready crowd. This makes your job really easy and the occasion one of the most satisfying events you’ll ever plan or host.

Having the keys to the party-bus, however, doesn’t mean you drive off and leave the bride and groom at the station. Follow the same no-fail rule wise mothers of the groom apply to every decision related to planning for their son’s wedding: ask the bride what she wants. Give her the opportunity to suggest a theme, venue, menu, and anything else she has her heart set on. She may have strong opinions and ideas, or she may turn you loose with it, delighted to remove this from her to-do list. More likely, she’ll fall somewhere in between. Either way, you can’t go wrong by getting her input. And to the extent that your energy and resources allow, do your best to give her the party she wants. This is your best chance to honor both your son and his bride-to-be at this important time in their lives.

Along the way, be sure to enjoy the process. The internet has made this and all other event planning much easier. Pinterest alone may give you all the ideas you need. There is only one rule to follow here and this is it: never upstage the wedding reception. We’ll explore more about budgets, themes, customs, ideas and more in additional posts.

Most mothers of the groom recall planning and hosting the rehearsal dinner warmly. They’ll tell you it is one of their fondest memories and good memories pour an awfully strong foundation for the years to come.